Beechfield Knitted Hat

Beechfield Knitted Hat

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The Beechfield knitted hat is the perfect choice for colder months. The double layered knit structure and soft acrylic fabric are both designed to keep you comfortable and warm. The hat is also cuffed for optimal decoration and is a popular place for designs to be embroidered onto it.

Available in over 20 colours, it is easy to match your design to a colour, therefore we would recommend this hat for team wear or work uniforms where being outdoors is required.




  • Over 20 colours available - Easy to match a colour with your logo/design
  • Warm & soft - The double layer knit will keep you protected from the cold in the winter months and the acrylic fabric is soft providing comfort when worn




  • Fabric: 100% soft touch acrylic
  • Weight: 72g

Washing instructions:Machine wash warm. Iron on low heat